Appointment Request  (INSTRUCTIONS at the bottom)

*Submit ALL services needed on ONE REQUEST* 
(Up to 3 services can be added to 1 Request)

Your request is NOT BOOKED, until you receive an email confirming that it has been accepted and scheduled. 
*Requests may be rejected.  If this happens, please review your request and try again.

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Request a new appointment

Please follow instructions below:

Fill in the required information.
Select a date.
Press  Choose Service  

Select a service, p
ress  + Add Service to Request  OR the  + +   at the end of the row  (for computer users)
Up to 3 services may be added to one request.
*All services selected will be listed above in yellow.
To change/delete a service, press REMOVE  under/next to the listed service.

After all services are selected and listed, press  Find an Appointment 
Choose a time and press  BOOK 

Review your appointment details
     *To edit your request, press back and make changes
If everything is correct,  press  Book Now  and await your acceptance/denial email.

Save the confirmation number of your Request.

For our service descriptions/prices, please visit the SERVICE MENU

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